After Generating Headlines, Middle7 Publishes A Sarcastic Apologize Video While NewJeans Attempts To Identify Them

According to a story published in The New York Times on April 10, NewJeans’ label ADOR is requesting assistance from a federal court in California about a defamation action against YouTuber @Middle7.

According to reports, ADOR asked a federal court in California to compel Google, the parent company of YouTube, to disclose the identity of the unidentified YouTuber. This YouTuber has been receiving a lot of views and attention online for his insulting and slanderous films against NewJeans.

In response to the news, @Middle7 released a somewhat snarky video that made several headlines. Middle7 released a video on April 11th under the title “Middle7’s apology after being sued by NewJeans.” The YouTuber says in the video, “So, NewJeans’ label sued me… When I awoke, what was happening? The fact that I chose not to apply for revenue generating, nevertheless, is a relief. LOL. However, I’m still human, therefore I’m anxious and afraid. I wasn’t at all interested in idols at first, but after making videos for pleasure, I’ve come this far. I didn’t want to become this well-known, sigh. Since Minji already wrote an apology, I won’t write one here. Middle7 sarcastically posted their comment, “So scared ㅠ,” in the video’s comment section.With the comment, “This b****d is going to cry their eyes and nose out once they get doxxed,” Korean internet users chastised the YouTuber. “People like this ought to vanish. Is this anything to be grateful for? Are they unaware of the circumstances? LOL. “People who are similar to you typically like to brag up until they visit the police station. Would I be correct in assuming that you prefer to speak in large quantities since it would be embarrassing to erase everything and flee? When you talk large like this just because a few people are with you, you’ll end up wrecked. After four years of participating in these online groups and idol galleries, it’s clear that you’re at the end. LOL. “Is this a real apology?” “It’s just like how Sojang denied that the information online waws not her but she began trembling in fear after she was completely doxxed,” according to “I hope you get sued fully.”

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