G-Dragon Teases A Reunion; Will He Rival Jennie Of BLACKPINK

G-Dragon and Jennie from BLACKPINK appear to be getting closer to their much awaited comebacks as they have both been dropping “hints” for some time.

Rejecting the variety show to concentrate on getting ready for her solo album
ODD ATELIER said on March 19th that Jennie from BLACKPINK had turned down a request to participate in the television program “My Name Is Gabriel.” Jennie is reportedly leaving the anticipated cast, which was speculated to feature Park Bo-gum and Ji Chang-wook. It is thought that this choice will enable the rapper from BLACKPINK to concentrate on getting ready for her solo album.

Social media has been buzzing with rumors of Jennie’s solo album ever since she revealed her own record label. Jennie announced her plans for a solo effort in an October interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She traveled to Los Angeles, California, for a covert business trip earlier this year. Jennie was observed in a well-known recording studio, raising the possibility that she worked with Drake, Beyoncé, and Rihanna on her next album.

On Instagram, Jennie has also been teasing new music. She recently contributed her voice to Matt Champion’s song “Slow Motion.” With hits and records including “SOLO,” “One of the Girls,” and others, fans have been waiting impatiently for Jennie’s debut solo album.

Fans are optimistic that Jennie would resume solo marketing in the first half of 2024 after all the clues. Korean media says that the female star is concentrating on getting ready for her album as April draws near. Without a sure, new music is coming soon!

G-Dragon’s return is also drawing near.
Like Jennie, G-Dragon announced that he would be leaving YG Entertainment at the end of 2023, having been there for more than 20 years. On January 1st, 2023, G-Dragon revealed his solo album project at YG. However, the male idol’s return date is still unknown following a turbulent year marked by phony drug scandals. G-Dragon, who recently signed with Galaxy Corp., is preparing for a resurgence.

G-Dragon most recently made an appearance at Daesung’s fan gathering. Daesung is a member of BIGBANG. With pride and affection, he watched his group member from the audience. Taeyang of BIGBANG also made a significant announcement at the event. Anticipation was strong when he said that BIGBANG would “do something together this year.”

After this meeting, rumors regarding G-Dragon’s return have been circulating on a number of platforms. Specifically, on March 18, the male celebrity was seen on camera paying close attention in a recording studio and using the social media site Weibo. G-Dragon is not very active on this social media site, but when he is, it usually comes before announcements of his return. Prior to the return with “Still Life” on January 18, 2022, or the publication of a cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on June 28, 2023, this pattern was noted.

Korean media also predicts that G-Dragon will make a comeback in the first half of 2024. G-Dragon was photographed at a music studio in January while on a vacation to Los Angeles, USA.

Moreover, the BIGBANG leader’s activities and Jennie’s discreet schedule in Los Angeles align. Fans predict that there’s a good chance these two stars’ independent endeavors will collide.

However, according to Dispatch, Jennie and G-Dragon were dating in early 2021 and have a “complicated” relationship.

Despite the likelihood that it won’t happen, a lot of fans still wish for G-Dragon and Jennie to work together once more, remembering their 2013 song “Black.” Even though she was still a trainee, Jennie impressed G-Dragon with her skill and distinct aura. She actually co-starred in the music video for “That XX” with the frontman of BIGBANG.

The situation is made much more exciting by G-Dragon and Jennie’s constant hinting about their respective solo endeavors. Fans are left wondering if G-Dragon and his purported ex-girlfriend Jennie would have a falling out over his return.

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