G-Dragon’s First Mixed Media Artwork Is Being Offered For Auction At This Point In His Career

A mixed media artwork created by G-Dragon has been auctioned off for the very first time in his career. ‘Youth is Flower’ is the title of the artwork that is presently up for auction on Seoul Auction. The medium is described as a combination of spray paint and marker on a steel panel measuring 195.5 x 45.6 cm. The work was created in 2017 by G-Dragon, as evidenced by his signature and the date inscribed in the lower right corner of the panel. “Private Inquiry” is the only inscription on G-Dragon’s artwork, in contrast to the majority of the other works of art up for auction which consist of estimated value ranges.

According to Seoul Auction, the bidding price will likely start at 30 million KRW (~ $23,000 USD). The winning bid will be announced on March 29.

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