Hwang Ui Jo’s Sister-in-Law Alleges She Published The Sex Tapes To “Teach Him A Lesson”

Hwang Ui Jo’s sister-in-law alleges she published the sex tapes to “teach him a lesson”

Soccer star Hwang Ui Jo’s sister-in-law admitted to all allegations in a letter of reflection to the trial judge.

According to Hankook Ilbo, Lee, who was indicted for breaching the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, submitted a handwritten letter of reflection to the 31st Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court on February 21.

Lee initially disputed distribution and blackmail accusations, alleging she was hacked during police and prosecution investigations. She later admitted the allegations in court.

Lee wrote in reflection, “I committed the crime to teach my brother-in-law a lesson and wanted him to rely on me and his brother again.”

Lee stated, “Our steady Korean family sacrificed everything to assist Hwang Ui Jo for five years abroad. Last year, when my husband returned to his Premier League club, he and Hwang Ui Jo disagreed on player management.”

She said, “I felt deceived because I thought my husband’s efforts were ignored. I felt more betrayed since Hwang Ui Jo made me quit school and my dreams. I was lonely once my hubby moved abroad.”

Lee said, “I found a video of Hwang Ui Jo having sex with a woman while handling his private life. I threatened Hwang Ui Jo with the footage to regain his trust.”

Sister-in-law said, “I altered the video to hide the woman’s face, who was facing the camera. I never wanted to harm Hwang Ui Jo and her life.”

She apologized and regretted. Lee: “My momentary drive for revenge caused an irrevocable blunder. Even if it meant changing my life, I would go back in time.”

She added, “I will not downplay my crimes during the trial. I will apologize to victims forever and accept any penalty. I genuinely apologize to the hurt women.

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