K-pop Boy Group ONEWE To Release Their Special Album ‘XOXO’ On August 29

Boy band ONEWE will be releasing unit songs with different charms

At midnight on the 22nd, ONEWE (Yonghun, Kanghyun, Harin, Dongmyeong, and Kiwook) posted the track list and schedule plan images for their second special album ‘XOXO’ on their official SNS.

According to the tracklist, the new album comprises a total of four songs, including ‘SALTY BOY,’ ‘Omnipresent,’ and the Instrumentals for each song. ‘SALTY BOY’ and ‘Omnipresent’ are unit compositions featuring Dongmyeong and Kiwook and Harin and Kiwook, respectively. It is anticipated that the members of Onewe will actively lead the songwriting on this album and demonstrate their musical abilities.

The image of the schedule plan enhances the viewing experience by dividing the clips according to the content schedule, as if one were watching a cartoon. Prior to the release of the album, Onewe intends to release concept photos and music video teasers for each unit song, attracting fans’ attention by creating music videos for each track.

The second special album ‘XOXO’ by Onewe will be released approximately seven months after the first full-length English album ‘GRAVITY’. If the first special album, “Small Room with Time,” melted the warm sentiments of the group’s members, the new album, which features two kitsch yet chic unit songs, demonstrates the band’s unique range.

The second special album by Onewe, titled ‘XOXO,’ will be released on various music sites on the 29th at 6 p.m.

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