PLAVE Member Eunho’s Real-life Counterpart Criticized For Mixtape Lyrics

The real-life person who inspired a member of the virtual K-Pop idol group PLAVE has drawn criticism for songs from previous mixtapes.

Recently, a few fans learned that PLAVE’s lead rapper, Eunho, is actually an underground rapper who has put out multiple solo mixtapes in addition to being a former K-Pop idol.

The song “B**ch” from one mixtape has what online users perceived to be misogynistic lyrics:

A large nose and a fist-sized face
That phony smile, so skilled at acting
What they call a bch bch bch I don’t need to tell you that you’re a bch.
Elevated chin and a slender body line—how stylish
You bch bch bch, pay for your own food. You crazy bch, you smell like soy bean paste. Bring me a bottle of Febreze.”

Furthermore, the term “b**ch” was used repeatedly in a number of other songs on the mixtape, and one song included disturbing lyrics that showed a woman being stalked and intimidated.

The real-life person who penned the previous lyrics, Eunho, apologized and made it clear that they were made up of fiction after they caused controversy on internet forums.

Additionally, VLAST, the PLAVE agency, has already warned against the dissemination of information on the members of the virtual group that may breach their privacy and emphasized that it will take legal action in response to serious cases of defamation and invasion of privacy.

In the meantime, K-netizens are debating the legal ramifications of recognizing and disseminating information about “virtual idols” whose names are kept secret in the wake of the latest occurrence.

Legal ramifications, according to some, would only occur if “the information was spread for personal, private, and or financial gain.” On the other hand, others reasoned that information about “individuals whose jobs and duties require them to keep their identities hidden” could still result in legal ramifications even in the absence of financial or personal gain.

In other news, on February 26 at 6 PM KST, the five-member virtual K-Pop boy band PLAVE will release their second mini album, “ASTERUM: 134-1.”

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