The Netflix CEO Addresses The Possibility Of An American Adaptation Of ‘Squid Game

The Netflix CEO addresses the possibility of an American adaptation of ‘Squid Game’

Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos acknowledged his love for Korean entertainment at an event on February 16 afternoon at Centropolis in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Ted Sarandos spoke South Korean reporters on Netflix’s expansion and investment in Korean content.

Ted Sarandos: “Excited to be here. Journalists prioritize storytelling and material, which is encouraging. Your feedback and opinions help us make global hits.”

He said, “In 2023, productions like ‘Kill Boksoon’ and ‘The Glory’ garnered international acclaim, and in 2024, shows like ‘Physical: 100,’ ‘Sweet Home,’ and ‘Squid Game’ are set to return for another season.” Sarandos said, “Many of you have visited the ‘Squid Game 2’ set, but I haven’t. I’m excited to experience Director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s environment and games.”

Sarandos gave journalists ‘Physical: 100.’ as his favorite Korean content last year.

He also predicted ‘Squid Game 2’ as this year’s most anticipated content. He said, “I hope ‘Squid Game 2’ beats season 1. Amazing season 2. Great script, fascinating new games.”

Sarandos said, “That’s just a rumor.” David Fincher is rumored to remake ‘Squid Game’ in America. He said, “Korea first.” for a foreign ‘Squid Game.’

This is Ted Sarandos’ first formal visit to Korea since June’s ‘Netflix and Korean Content Stories’ event in Seoul. He will explore the Netflix Korea original series production facility and the 2021-acquired Scandaline VFX office.

Netflix announced the ‘2024 Major Korean and Global Lineups,’ which include ‘Squid Game 2,’ ‘The 8 Show,’ ‘Sweet Home 3,’ ‘Gyengseong Creature 2,’ ‘Dak Gangjeong,’ ‘Parasite: The Gray,’ and ‘Physical: 100 Season

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