Wi Ha Joon Approaches Jung Ryeo Won Directly In “Midnight Romance In Hagwon” Teaser

In “Midnight Romance in Hagwon” teaser, Wi Ha Joon appears straightforward in his advances towards Jung Ryeo Won.

The hit drama “Something in the Rain” director Ahn Pan Seok sets “Midnight Romance in Hagwon” in Daechi, a neighborhood noted for its many hagwons (private educational institutes).

Jung Ryeo Won will play Seo Hye Jin, a hagwon instructor who diligently helps a cocky student named Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon) get into a top institution. 10 years later, Lee Joon Ho unexpectedly returns to the hagwon as a novice instructor after quitting a lucrative career at a huge corporation. He meets Seo Hye Jin, his unrequited first love, whom he has never forgotten.

The new trailer shows Lee Joon Ho returning to Seo Hye Jin’s life after leaving a big corporation. Lee Joon Ho, Seo Hye Jin’s former student and pride, is the “miracle case” he raised. Seo Hye Jin wants to stop Lee Joon Ho from becoming a hagwon instructor since she knows it’s hard.

Seo Hye Jin says, “From now on, everyone besides yourself will attack you or use you.” Lee Joon Ho just asks, “Does that mean you will too?” They get closer as “student Lee Joon Ho” becomes “teacher Lee Joon Ho.”

Seo Hye Jin hesitates at her heart-fluttering life upheavals, but Lee Joon Ho exclaims, “My patience has run out. “Don’t avoid me,” building their midnight romance anticipation.

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