Jisoo Launches Solo Label “BLISSOO” After Jennie And Lisa

After Jennie and Lisa, Jisoo launched her personal label “BLISSOO” to manage her operations.

Jisoo’s BLISSOO website launched on February 21.

The website states that BLISSOO “houses the alluring artist Jisoo in a special place like a gift box containing Jisoo’s absolute happiness” and that Jisoo “wants to give happiness and joy to her fans with diverse appearances and endless charm

The label added, “We hope that every moment you spend with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be special and meaningful”.

The launch of BLISSOO reinforced suspicions that Jisoo will launch a personal label. However, Jisoo’s older brother’s company, Biomom, may be affiliated with BLISSOO.

The third BLACKPINK member to start a personal label is Jisoo. Lisa launched LLOUD, while Jennie founded ODD ATELIER.

Rosé is the only member that has not released her individual scheduling agency.

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