Le Serafim Discusses Coachella Performance After BLACKPINK’s Iconic Performance

LE SSERAFIM Discusses Coachella After BLACKPINK’s Legendary Performance

LE SSERAFIM, the next girl group to perform at Coachella
LE SSERAFIM returned with their mini-album EASY. The band is starting their third year with a successful career, great accomplishments, and steady musical excellence.

Next to BLACKPINK, LE SSERAFIM will perform at Coachella. It’s a big honor for few K-pop acts to perform on the famous stage.

LE SSERAFIM discussed BLACKPINK and Coachella at their February 19th mini-album showcase for EASY.

The band said, “We feel incredibly fortunate to be performing at Coachella. Before, BLACKPINK’s performance was our ideal stage. That we have this chance is surreal.”

First lady group to perform at Coachella in 2019, BLACKPINK made waves. The group’s global popularity and prosperity stem from this occurrence.

BLACKPINK headlined Coachella again in April 2023, making K-pop history. No other Korean girl group has garnered as much media attention or Coachella impact as BLACKPINK.

LE SSERAFIM reveres and proudly mentions the global girl group. Netizens lauded them. “EASY” is charting well, and LE SSERAFIM is expected to impress at Coachella in April.

LE SSERAFIM, one of the top 4th-generation girl groups, may build on their senior’s heritage.

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